Condensation Solutions


What is condensation?

Condensation is an extremely common cause of dampness to old and new buildings. Condensation occurs when moisture within a warm building cools down and molecules of moisture condense on cold surfaces such as windows and walls.


How can condensation be identified?

Condensation is normally identified as a black fungus growth around windows and cold places within the property. Condensation can also appear as water droplets around and on windows.


What causes condensation?

Common causes of condensation are poor ventilation, closure of windows and doors, drying of clothes on maidens, cooking and showering. Condensation is at its highest in the winter months from October to March. This is due to windows and doors being closed due to cold weather, central heating being on. This means that moisture cannot escape, so the moisture condensates within the property. The sub floor timbers can be affected by condensation if sufficient ventilation is not evident. If the ventilation is not sufficient or improved wet rot/dry rot can occur.


Effects of condensation

Condensation can have a massive effect on the internal decoration of a property and it can also have a serious effect on a person’s health, especially if they have a respiration illness such as asthma or COPD.


How can condensation be managed?

Condensation can be managed within a household by providing good ventilation at all times. Windows and doors should be opened to allow sufficient air flow when cooking and showering. A low level background temperature in the property will prevent condensation build-up and will reduce the risk of further damage to the property. Air vents and pacifiers can be installed in the management of condensation. A pacifier will disperse one litre of moisture per day. Anti-fungal solutions can be applied to black spot mould to kill off the fungus within the property; this will prevent the condensation getting worse.


If you need more details regarding managing and reducing the effects of condensation, please get in touch with us.