External Wall Insulation Services

External Wall Insulation Services


External wall insulation services can prolong the life of a building, it can also create a great appearance and best of all an installation can save the owner/ occupier money, around £250 per year or even more.


System/Prefabrication houses definitely benefit from having their homes insulated; the change of appearance is staggering.


We install 100mm Thermal board, two coats of render with mesh in between, prime the render and then the silicone finish is applied in the colour of your choice.


We can deliver the whole enabling work and the reinstatement of the rain water, soil pipe, guttering, television aerial and satellite dishes. We also extend the window sills on completion of the project.


Scaffolding is required in all instances; this is erected prior to the start of the insulation boarding.


The Department of Energy and climate change (DECC) periodically offer funding to home owners whom have solid walls, this funding is paid on completion of the works to the home owner as part of the full amount. This could be as much as £3750.00 per property.


External wall insulation services


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