Wall Ties

What is a cavity wall tie?

A cavity wall tie is a support between the two layers of brick normally made of mild steel or similar metals. They are used to stabilise the two layers of brick to prevent movement to the constructed walls.


Replacing cavity wall ties

To identify existing wall ties, you need to detect their position by using a metal detector and view them with an endoscope. This will allow the identification of what type has been installed and its condition. Our findings during our survey will determine whether the wall ties are removed, replaced or isolated. New wall ties would be installed if the existing wall ties had failed due to corrosion.


Why do we replace?

Wall ties are replaced due to corrosion, expansion and cracking to the masonry. The elements can play a major part in corrosion and the building can become unsafe if detection is not recognised.


Different types

Different types of wall ties can be found during the survey (to mention a few: fishtail wall ties and butterfly wall ties are the most commonly found). Fishtail wall ties will cause significantly more damage to a building if they are not taken out or isolated with a clan sleeve. Butterfly wall ties will cause minor cracking to the facade of the property. Butterfly wall ties can be left in some situations providing new mechanical ones are installed.


We carry out a FREE survey with all our wall tie inspections which includes a FREE report and quotation. We provide a 20 year company guarantee and we can also provide an insurance backed guarantee on request.


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